About Me

The “About Me” section of my JDate profile says that I’m a bright, sincere, articulate and down-to-earth (what you see is what you get) 40-something, city-dwelling DJF with no kids and little baggage… Oh, but wait, this isn’t JDate… No matter, I’m still all of those things (at least according to my mother, z.l.), with a rich and balanced life and lots to offer the right guy.

Actually, my JDate profile needs some updating...

Recently, I rang in my Golden Jubilee year with the idea that I'm going to celebrate something (even if it's just staying in my jammies all day!) every single day of this year, and so far, so good.  At about the same time, after six years of one-course-at-a-time study, I recently completed a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree at the CUNY/Baruch College School of Public Affairs.  Finally, I also recently completed the last little bit of reconstruction on a PBM (prophylactic bilateral mastectomy) I had back in July 2011.  To mark all these milestones, I threw myself a party and invited my family and friends to join me in celebrating my new decade, my new degree and my new decolletage!

My professional profile reads something like this:  Seasoned writer and editor whose  targeted executive correspondence, compelling funding proposals, informative web content and effective social media and blog materials showcase outstanding skills as a critical thinker and creative problem-solver.  Areas of particular interest (and, yes, in some cases, passion) include Jewish life, social and economic justice, religious liberty, and women's health, including reproductive choice and hereditary cancer syndrome. 

Returning to the JDate profile, though, the right guy and I haven't run into each other yet, so while I wait for that collision (I believe that eventually someone will introduce us), I spend my time devoted to doing my job, hanging out with people who are important to me, reading, writing and trying to make my corner of the world a better place.

I'd love to hear from you about things you read on this blog or whatever's on your mind...so comment on the posts, send an email, and, oh, BTW, thanks for stopping by.