Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm No Julia Child...Part II

Back in August, I tried to convince you that I’m no Julia Child. And in fact, I’m not. Although my grandmother was a terrific cook and baker (as is my sister), I got kitchen genes from my mother who certainly can prepare a nice meal, but readily admits that when it comes to baking, if a recipe says “sift the flour,” she promptly turns the page.

A few months after the brownie baking adventure detailed here, a copy of Tina Wasserman’s new cookbook crossed my desk. It’s a beautiful volume and I was delighted to flip through the pages and admire the photos (and the people who I imagine actually pull off the recipes). When I do cook or bake from a recipe (which isn’t often), it’s usually from this cookbook or this one. If I’m really feeling ambitious, I might try an easy one from this volume, but even those push the outside of my envelope.

Needless to say, therefore, I was a little surprised at myself when, without really thinking about it, I responded affirmatively to the invitation to “share your cooking talents with your colleagues” at the Union’s upcoming Chanukah Party/Holiday Cook-Off being held tomorrow afternoon.

And so it was that earlier this evening, I came home and carefully – oh so carefully – followed the directions for slicing, dicing, chopping and seasoning to make this recipe for tomorrow's festivities.

And, lo and behold, just a few minutes ago, I took this pan out of the oven:

I must admit, if I do say so myself, that these zucchini squares do look (and smell) quite delicious. Let’s hope they’re a hit at the party.

Happy Chanukah, all!

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  1. Jane, don't be scared. Cooking is one of life's great pleasures.

    Look for something from - I've never been disappointed with a recipe from there.

    How did folks like the dish?