Friday, February 4, 2011

Up in Smoke?
Is it my imagination or are young people—especially young women—lighting up more often these days?  My extremely random and very unscientific survey tells me that they are—on the street, in the nooks and crannies outside office buildings, under colorful bar and restaurant awnings and, I would surmise, inside their own homes and apartments.

Another, more reliable study conducted at Harvard and released recently links cigarettes to breast cancer.  Even those who dispute the study’s findings, including Delyth Morgan of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, a breast cancer charity in the United Kingdom, agree that “smoking is associated with lung cancer and other cancers, as well as heart disease, and we would strongly advise all women and men not to smoke," she says.

As I struggle with some tough decisions about how best to reduce my own significant lifetime risk of breast cancer—resulting from a genetic predisposition to the disease—I am particularly baffled by this trend.  So, ladies, please tell me, with all that we already know about the risks and dangers of smoking coupled with this latest study, whatever are you thinking?!?”

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