Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shabbat Kedoshim: A Top 10 List

10.  Waiting for a bus for almost 20 minutes and still making it to services before Ma Tovu.

9.  Worshiping with my minyan community (including Dr. Tamara Eshkenazi, who is visiting on the east coast) -- despite the exceedingly noisy and wall-shaking construction in the street in front of Temple Shaaray Tefila.

8.  Singing Psalm 150 using Leonard Cohen's haunting melody.

7.  Hearing the Haftarah chanted and reading it round-robin style--as is our minhag--in English.

6.  An especially chewy cinnamon-raisin bagel during Torah study.

5.  Interesting, engaging discussion about talebearers, lashon hara employment references and sins of omission vs. sins of commission.

4.  A refreshing Dunkin' coconut iced coffee on the way home--with lots of ice and just the right amount of milk.

3.  Time to read today's newspaper leisurely.

2.  Time to continue to plow through Les Miserables and find out more about Fantine, Cosette and Monsieur Madeleine, who I think is a.k.a. Jean Valjean, but being only 175 pages into the tale, I'm not quite sure yet.  No spoilers, please...

1.  Time, inspiration and inclination to write and post this list before a little Shabbat menucha (Sabbath rest)!

Shabbat shalom!