Thursday, February 27, 2014

Can She Win the Cavallini?

Dear Shaynie,

Although I only recently started following your blog, I've been a lover of paper, journals, notebooks and pens for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes, when I need a pick-me-up, there's nothing better than wandering down the aisles of a well-stocked art supply or office supply store.  Thumbing through the blank notebooks and eyeing the gel pens in every color of the rainbow often is enough to lift my spirits.  A really bad day, though, might require a purchase, which is how I've come to have a small collection of Rhodia pads, as well as notebooks from Moleskine, Ciak, Miquel Rius, Clairefontaine and others, including a few Staples' classic black and white marble notebooks.

One Ecosystem notebook with a purple cover was my constant companion for much of 2011.  It's filled with notes from doctor's appointments, lists of questions for upcoming appointments, blood pressure readings, and output measurements from four Jackson-Pratt drains I had following some complex surgery I had during the summer of 2011. Thankfully, I wasn't sick (the surgery was prophylactic), and flipping through those pages from time to time reminds me of how right that tough decision was for me, how proud I am of myself for making it, and how far I've come in my recovery.  Other of my journals and notebooks are filled with lists, ideas, doodles, thoughts, sketches, favorite quotes, and more. A few others--their bindings unbroken and their pages sleek and crisp in their pure white emptiness--are awaiting the thoughts, ideas, lists and doodles that will fill them up and bring them to life. Oh, the potential...

Having said all that, I'm writing now so that I might have a chance to win the beautiful Cavallini Roma Lussa journal with its wonderfully marbled pages that you received from the company to give away.  Following the instructions in your most recent post, I'm pleased to tell you that:
  1. I have been following Journaling Journeys for several months and very much enjoy reading your posts.
  2. I recently visited Cavallini's website and my favorite thing, beside the leather journals, of course, is the decorative paper tape, especially the vintage office themed set!
  3. Journaling Journeys is now listed (with its link) on my blog roll...along with several other similarly-themed websites I've recently discovered.
  4. In addition to writing this letter to you via my blog, I will, as is my custom, spread the word via other social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.  I also will leave comments on your post itself.
Many thanks to you and to Cavallini for the possibility of adding a true treasure to my small, but growing collection of journals and notebooks.  I hope to have an opportunity to write my own review of the exquisite red leather Cavallini soon!

All the best,
~ JanetheWriter.