Sunday, June 26, 2016

How Just the Right Prompt Prompts Me to Write

A few months ago, a friend told me about The Mix, a network of Hearst publications that accepts contributions from a community of writers based on daily prompts provided by the publications' editors.

I applied immediately, but didn't hear anything one way or the other. Recently, I received word that my request to join and my writing samples are under review, and that I've been added to the community as a subscriber, meaning I can see the story prompts, but can't yet respond to them.

Thus far, these are among the prompts I've seen:
  • I Didn't Realize I Had Triplets/Twins
  • Student Loans Are Taking Over My Life
  • I Was/Am A Sex Addict
  • I'm Obsessed With Instagram
  • I Have Royal Roots
  • Stop Judging Me For Having Money
At the moment, it's just fine that I can't respond because, quite honestly, I don't have much to say about any of them. 

With these prompts, it would be an entirely different story:
  • Why I Removed My Two Perfectly Healthy Breasts 
  • I'm Obsessed with Fountain Pens and Writing Paper
  • Yes, Really, I'm Fine Without Kids
  • I'm A Single-Tasker In A Multi-Tasking World
  • Why I Balance My Checkbook to the Penny Every Month
  • I've Never Colored or Straightened My Hair...And I'm Not About To Start Now
Would that The Mix offered prompts like these, I'd be submitting a story a day.  How about it, The Mix...what do you say?