Saturday, December 30, 2017

My Quo Vadis Will Tell Me Where I'm Going

A few years ago, I jumped on the Bullet Journal bandwagon, but the system never really worked for me. As much as I loved the idea, and the opportunity to purchase a brand new Leuchtturm notebook full of sleek fountain-pen friendly paper, I quickly learned that I work best with a paper calendar that shows a full week at a time and in which I can mark meetings, one-time appointments, birthdays, holidays, and yahrzeits.

This year, back in October, I entered this giveaway and won a 2018 Quo Vadis Hebdo planner with a Rose Grenadine cover (in honor of breast cancer awareness month):
Thank you for entering the Quo Vadis Rose Grenadine planners giveaway:
Congratulations, you are one of the winners! Your new planner will be sent to you at the address you provided in your entry.
We’d love your feedback on your planner. Just a few sentences about what you like about the planner, and what you would change if you could, would be great. We would also love to know how you use your planner. Please email comments to Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com. We appreciate any feedback you can give us.
Thanks again for participating, and I hope you enjoy your new planner!
Have a great weekend,
Laurie Huff
Instagram @quovadisplanner
A brief exchange with Laurie Huff followed:
Hi, Laurie, made my day – not only because I was just starting to think about a new planner for 2018, but also because my family has been significantly affected by breast cancer. As a BRCA gene mutation carrier, I'm doing all I can not only to protect my own health, but also to raise awareness about these mutations and what they mean for families in which they are present.
Thanks again...have a great weekend!
~ Jane.
And, finally, this:
You are very welcome, Jane, and thank you for sharing how your family has been affected by breast cancer. I wish you good health and good luck.
I hope you enjoy your new planner and that you get to write lots of good things in it all year!
Laurie Huff
Instagram @quovadisplanner
Recently I started to fill my new Hebdo and discovered some terrific features I will appreciate throughout the year:
  • Fountain pen friendly paper, like all Quo Vadis planners
  • Monthly layouts for January to December 2018
  • A full week (starting with Monday) in each two-page spread
  • Plenty of room to record meetings, appointments, and the like, not only on weekdays, but also on Saturday and Sunday
  • Blank lines at the bottom of each page of the spread for miscellaneous information and what-nots
  • World maps, time zones, and 2017, 2018, and 2019 grid calendars
Thus far, there are only a few things that seem to be missing, but their addition would bump the Hebdo and its Rose Grenadine cover from really great to perfect:
  • An elastic closure to keep cards, notes, and miscellany from falling out 
  • A back pocket, which is where I currently keep postage stamps, a few special notes from friends, and the all-important school photo of my nephew. 
In the meantime, I’m hopeful that I can figure out a work-around for each one, and am looking forward to a year in which my Quo Vadis keeps me organized and, indeed, answers the question “Where are you going?”