Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge, Here We Come!

Last summer a few friends and I, none of whom had ever been to Coney Island, decided that we better get ourselves there before Astroland – and most especially the Cyclone -- closed forever. By the time we could all agree on a date, it was August, but we made it nonetheless. You can read about our adventure here.

Recently, with the Memorial Day weekend approaching, we casually talked about planning similar outings for this year, tossing out such possibilities as a day at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a trek to root for the Staten Island Yankees, or a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Call it what you will, but since today’s “On this Day” from Britannica Online tells me that today – May 24, 2009 – marks the 126th anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge, I’d call it kismet—and suggest to my friends that a summer stroll across this wonderful span should be our first order of business (once we agree on a date). As we saunter, I’ll be able to regale them with tidbits about the bridge, its construction and the personalities that made it possible from my many-years-ago reading of John McCullough’s book on this very topic. And, while I’m remembering that great read, we’ll be creating some great memories of our own. Good friends and good times in a great city…what could be bad?!

So, to my let’s-explore-the-city buddies, I say: Whadda ya say, guys, should we try to find a date? And to the rest of you, I say: “As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more about our summer adventures.”

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