Saturday, May 30, 2009

Haiku Madness

Back in April on this blog, I considered using the following haiku as a personal ad, but ultimately rejected the idea:

Jewish girl seeks mensch
Coffee or drinks for to start
Sparks fly and we match
In response to that post, my friend Larry Kaufman wrote this:
If you post haiku
Maybe you'll get a call from
Someone Jewpanese.

Yesterday, inspired by Rabbi Joe Black’s Facebook status (Standing at the mountain. Lots of smoke and noise.), I wrote and posted the following haiku as a personal ad:

Saw you at Sinai
Celebrating that day now
Should we reconnect?

40-something DJF seeks similarly aged mensch for LTR.
Substantive note and photo appreciated.
Chag sameach.

Sadly, the responses have been scarce and not exactly on target. With just one exception, these guys probably weren’t even at the smoky, noisy mountain oh-so long ago.

Guy #1, while he may be a perfectly nice guy, describes himself as Indian American. Like I said, not exactly on target…

Guy #2, apparently burned by an underage internet dater, wanted me to verify my age using AgeProtect. Um, no, I don’t think so…

Guy #3 is a 28-year old German living in New York City.

Guy #4, although Jewish, is 34 and wants to know “what 40-something means.”

Alas, reconnecting with someone from the mountain doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon. Perhaps another haiku is in order:
‘Twas crowded up there
Lots of guys to choose from then
Where did they all go?

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