Monday, June 28, 2010

A Different Kind of Doctor...A Different Kind of Letter

Lest you think I only initiate letter writing when I’m angry, upset or frustrated, I want to share with you a letter that I wrote and sent to another of my mother’s doctors three weeks ago. Ironically, it was Dr. It’s-All-About-the-Tumors who requested Dr. A-Person-is-More-Than-a-Pair-of-Kidneys as a consultant. Go figure…

343 East Some-Street-in-Kips-Bay, Apt. 15P
Gotham, NY 10016

June 8, 2010

A-Person-is-More-Than-a-Pair-of-Kidneys, DO
A One-Doc Kidney and High Blood Pressure Practice
35 Nice-Wooded-Office-Park, Suite 105
Suburban, NJ 08873

Dear Dr. A-Person-is-More-Than-a-Pair-of-Kidneys,

On behalf of my family, I’m writing to tell you how much we all appreciated the competent, compassionate care you provided to my mother (and to the rest of us) during her hospitalization this spring.

From the minute you came out from behind the nurses’ desk on 4 North to give me a hug as I accompanied my mother from the emergency room late on that Saturday night in April, I knew that we were in good hands. Your concern for her well being as a complete person – not merely as a set of kidneys or a series of lab results – and your consistent, continual presence and willingness to speak often and openly with us about her condition all were greatly appreciated.

In the end, however, her disease and the pain it caused were too far gone to respond to treatment, and following 11 days in hospice, my mom passed away peacefully and pain-free at the end of May. Nonetheless, we always will remember most fondly your gentle, caring ways, and will be ever grateful that our paths crossed during this difficult time in the life of our family.

With deep gratitude and admiration,


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  1. I'm so glad you had someone with this kind of compassion to help you balance the bad guy. {{{hugs}}}