Monday, August 30, 2010

Books for All

Every so often, I surf over to Ima on (and off) the Bima to see what’s new with Phyllis Sommer and her family.  When I last checked in, it was the first-day-of school for her kids, and she was offering a chance to win a $10 giving card to Donors Choose to anyone who left a comment about his or her favorite back-to-school tradition.  And so I wrote:
Yup, I'm with Jendeis [the previous commenter]'s all about the notebooks. I just bought a new one last week for my grad school class -- Race, Politics and the Media -- that starts next Tuesday.
As someone who rarely wins anything, imagine my surprise when I received an email a few days later from that said:   
Great news! Phyllis Sommer made a donation to -- and would like YOU to choose how to apply the funds.
And so, with Phyllis’ generosity, I just selected a classroom in Florida to be the recipient of books at all different reading levels so that every child in Ms. H’s class – no matter what his or her reading ability – can discover the joy and magic of reading!

Thanks, Phyllis!  And thanks, too, Ms. H!  With your guidance and instruction, may your students discover and nurture a love of reading that lasts a lifetime!


  1. Cool idea. helping kids read is always a winning idea! (Whoa that was lame! But still true)