Monday, January 10, 2011


Back in October, Frume Sarah blogged about the death of her uncle, adding these tags to the post:  death, dying, family, grief, uncle.  And now, I am doing the same about my Uncle Jash, who died peacefully last night after several months in hospice care at home.

In my mind, Aunt-Claire-and-Uncle-Jash was always just one word.  In my life, though, Aunt Claire and Uncle Jash were two omnipresent people in whose home I celebrated my first seder, on whose block I first went trick-or-treating, and whose back patio and yard served for the gazillionth time as the setting for a family cookout back in August. 

I am especially sad for my Aunt Claire, who has lost her companion of nearly 62 years--and this just little more than seven months after the death of her sister, my mother. 

Borrowing once again from Frume Sarah, I will close this post as she closed hers:  Baruch dayan HaEmet — Blessed is the Eternal Judge.

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