Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Much Does Ten Pounds Weigh?

Among other things, the hospital’s discharge instructions (issued on December 30th) say:  “No lifting more than 10 pounds for 6 weeks.”

So, how much does 10 pounds weigh? Without a scale it’s hard to know…

I know Ari weighs more than 10 pounds.  His mother told me so, and she wouldn't let me pick him up, only putting him in my lap after I sat on the couch.

But, how many sheets, towels and clothes are too many to carry to the laundry room? Does a dining room chair weigh 10 pounds? What about a folding chair? A bag of groceries? Two bags of groceries? A laptop computer in a carrying case?

Hmmmm…Maybe I should just go back to the couch, open a book or flip on the TV and not worry about how much 10 pounds really weighs.

Sounds like a plan to me…what do you think?

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