Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Executive "Sweet"

After lunch today, my sweet tooth started calling my name.  I don’t generally hear from it, so when I do, I usually listen.  I wandered over to a colleague’s office and was disappointed to find that the bowl located there that's often filled with M&Ms was empty.

Returning to my own office, I posted this status update on Facebook:
Me (Writer to the President):  JanetheWriter is very disappointed that the M&Ms bowl is empty.
Over the next few minutes, this conversation ensued among a few of my colleagues:
Data Management Director:  Go to MUM. They usually have a good supply in the bubble gum dispenser :)

Writer to the President:  Yeah, but Elliott usually has peanut M&Ms. I ate a clementine instead...a better choice all around.

Data Management Director:  OOOh PEANUT M&Ms!!!!! How was the darling-clementine??

Writer to the President:  Not nearly as darling as peanut M&Ms!!!
At this point, I was interrupted by the Executive Assistant to the President, who asked if I wanted to know where the “stash” was.  When I answered in the affirmative, she showed me, and then used it to refill the bowl, sending the jangling sound of M&Ms through the executive suite.

And then, the Facebook conversation resumed:
Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board:  Thank you, @Executive Assistant to the President for refilling!!!!!!

Executive Assistant to the President:  All is right with the world.  The bowl has been replenished.

Web Editor:  If it’s empty, don’t look at me.  I am swearing off them!
OK, everybody, now that we’ve had our afternoon break--with or without peanut M&Ms--let’s get back to work!

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