Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letter From My Blog

Dear JanetheWriter,

Usually when you’re really busy and can’t post to me, your blog, you send a letter to fill me in and let me know what’s keeping you out of the blogosphere.  In an effort to ease even that burden from your shoulders, let me try to write it for you…

I know that you’re up to your eyeballs with school work…you’ve got a paper due tomorrow and a group presentation next week.  But look on the bright side:  the paper’s finished (you submitted it via email tonight) and everyone in your group showed up for today’s 5:30 p.m. meeting to divvy up the work for the presentation.  Good progress on all fronts…

At 633, where you became the foursquare mayor yesterday and unlocked the local badge today, you’re busy doing preliminary research for a new article for Reform Judaism magazine.  You’re also writing lots of correspondence for your boss and for the upcoming Biennial (when does the countdown clock start?), as well as random proofreading and editing “on demand” for others.

In between work and school, you’re managing to fill your time with tons of other things.  Last night, you checked in at temple for an Adult Education Committee meeting and next week you’ve got another one—this time the Festivals Committee.  Between the two committees, the minyan and kabbalat Shabbat services when you’ve got a yahrzeit, you’re getting to be quite the regular up there at 79th and Second. 

And there’s plenty more on your plate, too.  You’ve got to register for the FORCE Conference, make flight and hotel reservations, schedule a haircut (you’re starting to look like what your grandmother used to call a vild Indian, well before that term was deemed less than politically correct), get all your tax paperwork to the accountant, water your orchid, back-up your hard drive, arrange for pre-certification for your upcoming MRI, and place an order with freshdirect.

Whew….no wonder you haven’t got time to write to me.  In any event, I hope you find some time soon.  I always like to hear from you, and I miss you.  I’m sure you’ll get everything done in good time and that the tight grip on your time will ease up shortly.

I hope you’re well and that we’ll be able to connect soon.

Very fondly,
Your Blog

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