Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fish Tacos: It's Complicated

Tonight, while many of my friends were out shpieling and noshing hamantaschen, I attempted to tally the results of this week's wholly unofficial fish taco survey. 

And the survey says…it’s complicated.

A total of 15 people commented on the post in one way or another—some on Facebook and two (thanks, Donnie and Debbi) by leaving comments directly on this blog.

In the “Yea” camp are six readers who liked the post.  Whether that affirmation extends to fish tacos themselves isn’t entirely clear.  Three others unequivocally affirmed their love of fish tacos:
"Yea. fish tacos."
"Making them for dinner tonight!"
"Love fish tacos. Great healthy food place here [in Arizona] with fish tacos."
In the “Nay” camp are these who say feh—literally--to fish tacos:
"Fish good. Tacos good. Fish tacos feh."
"Nay. Feh."
"Never had them, but can't say as they sound very appealing...."
And then there are those who had to qualify their answers in some way—complicating the results:
"Not a fan, although there was a place in LA that had really good mahi mahi burritos!"
"It's complicated. You can find some good ones. I eat way too much fish now to be looking for fish tacos."
"It goes without saying they have to be good fish tacos to be good. But I guess I am just a Cali boy at heart."
"Fish tacos can be yummy, but I still prefer my fish as sushi.".
From these results, I can reasonably conclude that not only are my readers particular about the foods they’ll eat, but also that fish tacos aren’t high on their lists of “must have” culinary delights.

Good to know, my friends.  Good to know.