Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Microwave Mishegas

This past Monday morning, the microwave in my apartment died.  No matter how hard or how gently I pushed the numbers on the keypad, nothing happened.  No beeps.  No buzzes. No breakfast. 

Already stressed a-plenty, I posted this status update on Facebook:
Dear Microwave,
Today you had to decide that the keypad wouldn't work? After I'd already added the water to my dry oatmeal and was ready to pop it in to nuke? Thanks to you, I've now got a few more things on my to-do list for today...including figuring out what I'm going to eat for breakfast tomorrow.
Thanks a lot, microwave.
~ Jane.
Once in the office, I called my landlord and although she offered to come into the city to replace the appliance, ultimately we agreed that I would purchase a new microwave, send her the receipt, and deduct the amount from next month's rent.  With that hurdle jumped, my Facebook status got this update:
I spoke to my landlord and have the OK to purchase a new microwave. Looking for 700 watts, white, all the usual features, online purchase (preferably from Amazon) so it will arrive tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.
Suggestions? Recommendations? 
Like anyone has time to peruse the internets for me....
Overwhelmed by the endless options and choices,  I immediately emailed two friends, "Coupon King" and "Zappos Queen," this message:
You're so good at this...and I'm so bad at it.
Microwave parameters:
  • White
  • No more than $100
  • Turntable
  • Easy to use
  • All the usual features...mostly I use it for heating and defrosting
  • Free shipping
  • Delivery asap -- tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest
What can you find??
Thank you!
Within seconds, "Zappos Queen" responded,  "I’m on it."

A few minutes later, this link to a microwave available on appeared in my inbox.

After quickly perusing the parameters for both the .7 cubic foot and 1.1 cubic foot models, I posed these question to "Zappos Queen":  
Have you ever heard of this brand?
Is there any reason not to get the smaller one?  It has to fit on the top of the refrigerator -- and I have to be able to get it up there.
The Queen responded in two separate emails.  First this:
No reason not to get smaller one.
Then this:
Was the best selling white microwave on amazon with 4 stars.
Don’t overthink just order and move on with your day.
To which I could only respond with this truly heartfelt message:
This is one of the 10,000 reasons I love you! 
By the time The Queen responded with a hearty LOL, I had already ordered the microwave and moved on with my day.

After all, I always do exactly what she tells me to do! ;-)