Saturday, April 25, 2015

#RhodiaPaperProject: Sweet 16 for Week 16

Week #16 of the #RhodiaPaperProject turned out to be “Sweet 16” when I received three different sized Exacompta 205 g index cards in colors that remind me of creamy birthday cake frosting:
  • One 3x5” card in a pretty muted baby pink
  • One 4x6 card in a matching baby blue
  • One 5x7 card in a buttery pale yellow

As always, I loved the way the ink from various pens – including two fountain pens, the Platinum Preppy and the Pilot Metropolitan (the newest addition to my fledgling collection) – took to the cards with no bleeding or feathering.  The cards’ weight and the grid lines make them ideal for lists, and I can envision my grocery list on the 5x7 card and a to-do list on the 4x6 card, which would fit well in my planner.  As for the 3x5 card, I’d use that as a bookmark on which I might jot quotes, interesting passages, or words to look up and remember.

Yes, these cards definitely are winners, and I might just have to purchase a pack of the 3x5s…or maybe the 4x6s. 

Oh, the choices…