Monday, February 2, 2009

Reform Judaism: It's the Right Brand for Me

A short piece on the Dallas News religion blog last week reported on a survey that indicates that most Protestants are more loyal to their brand of toothpaste and toilet paper than they are to their denomination.

Hmmmm…I wonder if that’s true for Jews, too.

As for me, although I definitely prefer Crest (the tartar protection paste) and Scott (the safe-for-septic-systems kind, not the fluffy kind), if push came to shove, I’d trade them both to hang on to my good ole liberal Reform Judaism. With its belief in informed choice and personal autonomy, and its wide array of free-thinkers who opine on everything from tzitzit and Limmud NY to communal prayer, the environment, this week's Torah portion, and our bonds to the history that brought an African-American to the presidency, it is, for sure, the right brand for me.

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