Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Enough for Metropolitan Diary?

Dramatis personae: Three potential jurors, all middle-aged Jewish women.

The scene: All three are seated on a bench outside a courtroom at 100 Centre Street waiting to be called in for voir dire on the second day of jury service.

Overheard among them:

Potential juror #1 (who is seated in the middle and obviously has spoken individually to each of the other two): “I’m going to make a shidduch.”

Without actually using names, she introduces the two women to each other after which the following conversation ensues:

Potential juror #2 to potential juror #3: What do you do?

Potential juror #3: I’m the director of the Dyckman Senior Center.

Potential juror #2: Do you know Carol So-and-So?

Potential juror #3: I am Carol So-and-So!

Potential juror #2: I didn’t recognize you. Your hair is different.

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