Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey Verizon, Get Back to Work!

This afternoon I returned from a wonderfully restful and relaxing family vacation in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Camped out in a three bedroom, two bathroom house just a short walk from the beach, we (my parents, sister and seven-year-old nephew) spent lazy days reading on the sand, building sand castles, and frolicking in the warm, wonderful waves of Risden’s Beach. Our evenings were filled with arcade games, ice cream and mah jongg with some friends staying in nearby Ocean Grove. It couldn’t have been a better week.

For some reason, while I was away, Verizon decided to take a vacation too. I returned to my apartment to find no dial tone on my phone and no internet access on my computer. Suddenly, unpacking, opening the snail mail and checking email all took a back seat to calling Verizon and, while the customer service representative on the other end of my cell phone waited, plugging a phone into the jack in the back of the closet near the bathroom, where the phone line comes into my apartment. When there was no dial tone there, she astutely told me, “It’s a problem with the network.” Duh.

Long story short: I’m currently paying for internet access at Starbucks, answering email, and writing this blog post. I'm preparing to return to work on Monday and I think Verizon needs to do the same -- now!

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