Sunday, June 17, 2012

It’s Déjà List All Over Again

As anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows, I’m a list maker.  Before my 2010 surgery, I blogged about my to-do list.  The post about last year’s list is here

With yet another round of surgery coming up on Tuesday (a same-day procedure to tweak what was accomplished last summer), it’s just about time to share the list I’m working from this time around, which basically tells you what I did this weekend, and what I’ll be up to between now and Tuesday morning.

Since Friday afternoon, I have:

  1. Paid all bills that are due between now and next Monday
  2. Ordered Fresh Direct groceries that were delivered this morning
  3. Attended the TST minyan and Torah study
  4. Played mah jongg and had dinner with friends
  5. Celebrated Father’s Day with Daddy, LZ and yummy dim sum in Chinatown
Here’s what’s left to do tomorrow:

  1. Change linens and towels
  2. Do the laundry
  3. Clean the apartment, including running the vacuum and sweeping the floors
  4. Empty trash and recyclables
  5. Confirm details of Tuesday night with R, who has generously offered to stay overnight
  6. Open foldout couch; place pillows and clean towels
  7. Pack a few things for Tuesday:  phone, ear buds, case for glasses, hair band, and a pillow for the cab ride home—to put between me and the seat belt
  8. Await phone call from the hospital re:  arrival time on Tuesday morning
  9. Check-in with S, who will meet me at the hospital at no o’clock on Tuesday morning
  10. In consultation with yet another friend, A, use EKG leads and instructions from the plastic surgeon to decide upon placement for the new body parts that will be created during Tuesday’s surgery.  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, use your'll figure it out.)  It sort of makes me LOL to think that with so much high-tech "stuff" available, this important decision gets made with such low-tech equipment, used in such an “off-label” way.  Commenting on this phenomenon, another friend couldn’t help himself when he noted in an IM message, “Who says you don't "lead" an exciting and interesting life?”  My response?   Groan…
  11. Shower using Hibiclens
  12. No food or water after midnight
 And here’s the list for Tuesday:

  1. Shower using Hibiclens
  2. Meds with just a sip of water
  3. No make-up, deodorant, powder, lotion or sprays
  4. Arrive at the hospital at no o’clock
  5. Yet again, tie on the bungee cord and take a leap of faith.
See you back online in a few days.

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