Friday, June 1, 2012

For You, The Mums: Kaddish from Jerusalem

Just a little while ago I returned from synagogue, where my mother’s name was read from the bimah as I stood, preparing to recite kaddish, marking the second anniversary of her death.  My father will do the same in his synagogue next week, which is when her yahrzeit will be observed there.

In the meantime, because of an IM conversation I had yesterday with a friend who’s currently visiting in Jerusalem, he also said kaddish for her tonight.

The conversation went something like this:

Me:        Boker tov.

Friend:    Good evening from Jerusalem.

Me:         Ahhhh...lucky you!  Enjoy, be safe, and eat a falafel for me!   When are you back?

Friend:    Next Thursday.

Me:        Enjoy.  Have fun!

Friend:    Want me to bring you anything?

Me:         Just eat a falafel for me...

Friend:    Consider it done.

Me:         One more thing:  If you're at services, it's my mother's yahrzeit.  She'd love to know someone  said kaddish for her in Israel....

Friend:      Consider that done as well. Tomorrow night with the IMPJ.

Me:          Perfect!  Thank you!

Friend:    She'd like that.

Me:        I know!

So, The Mums, I hope you appreciate that tonight—from the east and from the west--we were thinking of you, remembering you, and missing you.  xoxo.

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