Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mundane, Normal Stuff

Earlier today I was in the kitchen cutting up some chicken and thinking about my friend Phyllis.  I’m not sure that the two things are related in any way except that I’ve been thinking about Phyllis and her family a lot since her six-year-old, Superman Sam, was diagnosed with leukemia two weeks ago. 

This morning, though, I was remembering back to January when Phyllis was in New York for a few days, attending a program at HUC, and I was lucky enough to get her for brunch on that Sunday morning.  While I prepared the strata and the fruit salad, we caught up over coffee in the kitchen—everything from our latest reads and the price of toilet paper (she gets hers from, to blogging, other social media, and our many mutual friends.  Just mundane, normal stuff. 

Mundane, normal stuff is exactly what I’m wishing for Phyllis right now.  A r’fuah shleimah (a speedy and complete recovery) for Sammy, and a quick return to mundane, normal stuff for his ima (mom) and the rest of his family.

Please keep Sam in your prayers (send him a photo of yourself as a member of his superhero team) and may he and his family get back to mundane, normal stuff faster than Clark Kent can find a phone booth and change into Superman!

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