Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sparks from Heaven

Dear The Mums,

Thanks to you, I knew a lot about Dan Freelander long before I ever met him.  Not only did I know him as the rabbi who checked in with you regularly during those longs months in 1985 when Grandpa was sick, but also as someone with a sweet voice, deeply caring ways and knowledge about the location of every diner in New Jersey.

It seems that your connections to him have continued l’dor v’dor since I landed in the office just across the hall from his nearly 10 years ago, and last night I felt them especially strongly at Tanglewood.  A bunch of us were there—as Danny and Elyse’s guests—for dinner and a James Taylor concert to help celebrate Danny’s 60th birthday.  Despite the heat and humidity (you would have been melting), the evening was spectacular:  terrific food, wonderful company, touching tributes, and a fantastic concert of JT favorites…one after another after another.  

Because it was the Fourth of July, the second act opened with the Star Spangled Banner.  Even though you always said that America the Beautiful should be the national anthem, it was pretty amazing to sing along with JT about the rockets’ red glare.  After the concert, we were treated to the bombs bursting in air thanks to a brilliant fireworks display that lit up the sky over the Berkshires.  Remembering how much you loved fireworks, I watched them, remembering you. As each burst of sparks from heaven fizzled to the ground, it dawned on me that maybe you were sending them down to us.  If so, thanks for a great show. And thanks, too, for your friendship with Danny.  I know it was one you treasured…and so do I.

~ Boo!

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