Sunday, December 28, 2014

The #RhodiaPaperProject is Creating a Pen Snob

I think the #RhodiaPaperProject is transforming me into a pen snob.

Either that or it's providing weekly confirmation that my preference runs toward thicker points and wetter inks, which leads me to believe it's time to invest in other than a disposable fountain pen.

Week #9 brought me two large sheets of paper from the No. 38 pad, which measures 16 1/2 inches by 12 1/2 inches.  One sheet contains graph ruling and the other dot ruling.  Both are 80g.

Like the paper samples in the eight previous weeks, these, too, are smooth, crisp, and clean.  The pens that were easiest to use on these sheets include:
  • The Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen (increasingly my favorite!)
  • The PaperMate Liquid Flair
  • The PaperMate Flair
  • The Uniball Vision Elite
  • The Staples Xeno (a surprise, I must admit)
I think that the pens that proved to be disappointing were so either because of the pens' lack of quality or their too-fine points (given my penchant for thicker, wetter inks), but not because of the paper.  Nonetheless, the "thumbs down" pens include:
  • The PaperMate Ink Joy 500 RT
  • The Bic retractable 4-color pen
  • The Pilot Precise V5 RT
  • The Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip
  • The Pilot Easy Touch
Although I'm not sure that I'd have a lot of use for paper of this size, it could be useful for brainstorming and/or mind-mapping exercises, especially in the dot ruling format.  The dots are much less distracting -- making it almost a blank sheet of paper -- than the lines on the graph ruled format.

As always, I'm grateful for the opportunity to experiment with various papers and look forward to continuing to do so in 2015.

Happy New Year, #RhodiaPaperProject!