Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Questions

My friend Anna is known for asking random questions. Sometimes she’ll stop by my office just to ask: How much conditioner do you put in your hair in the morning? Or, at lunch it might be: What does it cost you to have a shirt dry cleaned? Yesterday, she asked me what time I’m going to vote on Tuesday. There’s usually a good reason she’s asking the question, but that reason isn't always apparent at the moment.

For the last few days I’ve noticed that many of the walk/don’t walk signs in my neighborhood are malfunctioning. As the traffic barrels down Second Avenue, the sign is fine, the bold red hand admonishing pedestrians to stay put at the corner. But, as soon as the cars and cabs line up at the newly-turned red light, confusion sets in: illuminated on the sign across the street are both the bold red hand and the bright white walkie guy.

As my friend Anna might ask: Why?


  1. Well, I don't know where you are going with that but I am going to vote at 6 and I don't wait for the cross lights.

  2. Interesting post - I'm glad I'm taking a few moments to go back in time and read up a little. So, yesterday, I left work, drove to go vote, then drove to the grocery store and did it all within about 20 minutes - Florida is lovely sometimes. I thank two weeks of early voting that I was able to walk right in and place my vote. Now tell me, if there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, why is my polling station at a church?