Thursday, October 16, 2008

Up and Down Conversations

Yesterday, I had three different elevator conversations with three different guys in my building.

Conversation #1 took place as I rode up to the 15th floor after work. Guy #1, with a cup of Starbucks in each hand got on after me.

Me: What floor?
Guy #1: Seventeen, please….thanks.
Me: Mmmmm, that coffee smells good.
Guy #1: It’s the only thing that keeps me going.
Me: Yup…I hear you. I’m a student with a lot of work to do tonight. It’ll definitely be a coffee night.
Guy #1: Me too…
Me (getting off): Have a good one…take care.

* * *

Conversation #2 was a few minutes later, as I was riding back down to the lobby. Guy #2, dressed for a roller hockey game and toting a big wooden stick got on on the 10th floor.

Me: I wish I was going where you’re going instead of where I’m going…and I don’t even play hockey.
Guy #2: Where are you going?
Me: The library…big project due tomorrow. Grad school…
Guy #2: Where?
Me: Baruch...25th and Lex.
Guy #2: At least the commute is OK.
Me: Right. Can't complain about that, but can complain about other stuff...
Guy #2: Hey…that’s cool. Good luck.
Me: Thanks. You too.

* * *
Conversation #3 took place on my ride up to the 15th floor following a few hours at the library. Guy #3, toting a briefcase and balancing a large pizza box, and I got in the same elevator in the lobby.

Me: What floor?
Guy #3: Six, please…thanks.
Me: I used to live on six. Do you live in “N?”
Guy #3: Yes.
Me: (Knowing smile.)
Guy #3: So you know Penny?
Me: Oh yes... I used to live in "N." (Big smile.)
Me (as Guy #3 gets off): Good luck…

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