Saturday, August 2, 2014

Love Letter to Margate

Dear Margate,

Although our time together this week was short, we certainly made the most of it.  Thanks to you, a wonderfully gracious hostess, and her lovely, welcoming home, I relaxed enough that the stress-induced crick in my neck and shoulder nearly disappeared, my face got sun-kissed, and I spent time in a part of my home state that I don’t visit often enough. 

You’re a beautiful place, and you accommodated my friends and me well, serving up generous portions of warm sunshine, gentle breezes, and soft sand.  Mesmerized by the waves and their rhythm as they curled and dove into bubbly white foam that lapped at our feet, I could have walked your beach endlessly – north to Ventnor and Atlantic City, south past historic Lucy and on to Longport. 

In fact, when we weren’t sitting in sand chairs on the beach – talking, laughing, and watching the passing scene – we did lots of walking, strolling the boardwalks in Ventnor, Atlantic City, and Ocean City.  In that last spot, we sampled a few summer favorites, including popcorn, fudge, and Kohr Brothers frozen custard.  Needless to say, that wasn’t all we ate.  Seafood at Mike’s in Sea Isle City, pasta at Gaspare’s in Egg Harbor, and freshly prepared Asian fare at Little Saigon in Atlantic City – all washed down with Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (my new favorite wine!) – made for wonderful dinners.  Plentiful breakfasts and lunches – fruit, yogurt, and salads, deli, sticky buns, and other sweet treats – generously prepared by our hostess, rounded out our meals.

Alas, all too soon, our rendezvous was over, and I found myself back in Manhattan.  I’m doing my best, though, to hold on to the ease you inspired and the relaxation you encouraged, as well as to appreciate fully the priceless gift you gave me – good times and good friends with whom to share them. Thanks again for everything, Margate.  I’m grateful to have spent time with you.


~ JanetheWriter.