Sunday, August 23, 2015

#BlogElul 9: See

There's lots to see in Penn Station's Sunday sea of humanity. Every color of skin from freckled ivory to midnight black, with varying shades of cappuccino, latte, cafe au last, and creamy cocoa in between. And a rainbow of hair colors, too, purple, and green, and aqua, too.

Underneath, though, each of us is the same -- a vessel for a divine spark, even if it's not always visible.

In 5776, may my own spark be easily seen, and may I see the spark in others -- even if I have to look for it.

Inspired by Ima on (and off) the Bima,this #BlogElul post is one in a series marking the days of the Hebrew month of Elul, which precedes the Jewish High Holidays and traditionally serves as a time of reflection and spiritual preparation for the new year.